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How To Hacktivate iPhone with iOS 7 [Guide]

People who are looking to hacktivate (activate) their iPhones on iOS 7 have landed at the correct place. Here is now a method by which you can hacktivate iPhone on iOS 7 using a very simple & short guide. So follow the guide below on how to hacktivate iPhone on iOS 7.

If you haven’t initiated with hacktivation, so let me put it in very effortless words. Hacktivation is the process by which you activate an iPhone by avoiding the standard Apple activation method. Even if your iPhone is locked to a specific carrier & it can’t be opened, you can hacktivate it & use it.


Well now follow the guide below for hacktivating iPhone on iOS 7.


  • Download Java utility.
  • Download PuTTy.
  • Download TinyUmbrella (SHSH blobs) :

Download SHSH blobs Mac.

Download SHSH blobs Windows.

Method To Hacktivate iOS 7

1. Back up your iPhone before starting to hactivate & make sure to set it in airplane mode.

2. Connect the iPhone to the computer & hit restore (if you have already done this & are on the welcome screen, you don’t require doing the same).

3. Put your iPhone in to DFU mode.

  1. Hold the Power button for 3 seconds
  2. Hold the Home button without releasing the Power button for 10 seconds
  3. Release the Power Button yet keep holding the Home button

4. Download the Java utility & run it.


5. Once it is completed you should see the following on your computer.

6. Download PuTTy & run it.


7. Put in local host as hostname & port the java utility specified.

8. A window will pop up asking you for username & password:

  1. Username: root.
  2. Password: alpine.

9. Right after that run in the terminal, then type in the following commands

cd mnt1/Applications.

rm -R

If that does not work, type set & hit the tab button, it should auto complete.

10. Now delete

11. Hold the power & home button to reset the phone.

12. When the iPhone is turned on, it will show it in recovery mode. It is fine, don’t need to panick.

13. Download TinyUmbrella & run it.


14. Exit from the recovery mode using TinyUmbrella.

15. Your iPhone should boot up properly now.

If you have followed the steps correctly your iPhone should be hacktivated (activated) & up & running. The hacktivation method is not the proper way to activate an iPhone so you might find some problems after on while using it.

If you have any query regarding this guide, leave a comment below.




Connect a device in DFU mode

MobileDevice event: DfuConnect, ea1227, 2008950

DFU device 'UNSUPPORTED' connected

Ignoring unsupported device UNSUPPORTED

Using iPhone 5 A1429


Hi, will this work with iphone 5 on IOS7?