This week’s newsletter describes a proposal to make statechains deployable on Bitcoin without consensus changes, summarizes a discussion about a schnorr nonce generation function that helps protect against differential power analysis, and links to a proposed update to BIP322 generic signmessage. For more information, Wuille links to a discussion between himself and several other Bitcoin cryptographers. The PR description says that “the new algorithm consistently finds more routes and cheaper ones. 1395 updates the route pathfinding used by Eclair to factor in channel balances and to use Yen’s algorithm. Traders of all skill levels use the MACD in their olymp trading review. This is because forex trading online is never fully understood by anyone and making a complete prediction is not at all possible. But then you need to step back, analyze the current situation and then find the best trade-off between all possible approaches. Poor money management is always a negative thing and it is possible that a particular trader may need help with their trades to get the best out of day trading. Keep these four trading tips in mind if you want a winning trading strategy in hand. Before I start, you should have basic knowledge about Forex trading and the different technical indicator information.

Let’s look at what’s going on with the NFT craze, and investigate the issues that NFTs have. Bitcoin Stack Exchange is one of the first places Optech contributors look for answers to their questions-or when we have a few spare moments to help curious or confused users. Staking rewards depend on a few factors: how you stake, which platform you use, and the current APR. With more validators, the APR will decrease, and the estimated rate varies anywhere between 2% – 15% in a year. The route prefixes are more diverse, which is good as well (especially for MPP). Mixing bad; pooling good. In addition to discussion about whether or not it’s good to have a large test chain for experimentation, it was also suggested that a future testnet might want to use signed blocks instead of proof of work to allow the chain to operate more predictably than the current testnet3, which is prone to wild hash rate oscillations. There are some good examples of the strong ecosystem around Bitcoin like Lightning, as well as more recent approaches such as Bulletproofs. There is a proposed standard that should allow any address type or script to be used to create a signed message, BIP322.

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ZeroMQ will drop messages if there are no subscribers listening (or subscribers fall behind) and the in-memory buffers of configurable size fill up. Rust implementations effectively try every possibility and choose the miniscript resulting in the smallest scriptWitness size. Several LN implementations were already announcing or allowing multiple addresses of a given type, so this change brings the BOLT specification in line with what the implementations were already doing. ● Coinbase withdrawal transactions now using batching: Coinbase has rolled out batch withdrawals that they estimate will reduce their load on the Bitcoin network by 50%. Instead of each withdrawal payment generating a single onchain transaction, multiple payments will be combined into a single transaction once every 10 minutes. Finally, make sure to test the bot using a small amount of capital before using the large amount. Experienced users are encouraged to help test for any regressions or other unexpected behavior. 1339 prevents users from setting their htlc-minimum amount to 0 milli-satoshis, which would violate BOLT2. Previously, LND would fail to pay invoices whose full amount couldn’t be carried by a single route.

Some exchanges also offer a flat-fee charge, which does not take into account the amount of traded cryptocurrency but charges a set amount for every successful transaction. Because anyone who was ever a delegate can trigger an onchain spend, statechains are designed to use the eltoo mechanism to ensure an onchain spend by the most recent delegate (Carol) can take precedence over spends by previous delegates (Alice and Bob), assuming the trusted third party hasn’t colluded with a previous delegate to cheat. If this proposed soft fork is adopted, users would be able to use a new CTV opcode to create covenants with less interaction than would be required using current consensus rules. A final discussion covered how and when to attempt to get BIP119 activated, including when a PR for it should be opened to the Bitcoin Core repository, what activation mechanism it should use (e.g. BIP9 versionbits), and what range of activation dates would be appropriate if it uses a miner-activated soft fork mechanism such as BIP9.



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